In today’s ever changing world, we offer a host of services encompassing audit and assurance services, taxation, business process outsourcing and a host of advisory services.


  • Attest functions
  • Management and Internal audits
  • Direct & Indirect tax services
  • Corporate law assistance
  • Accounting Services
  • Transactional Managed Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Transaction Advisory Services (Due Diligence, etc.)

Attest Functions

  • Statutory audit of financial statements as per Companies Act.
  • Tax audit as per Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Audit under value added tax (VAT) acts of various states:
  • Certifications sought by various regulatory authorities:

Management And Internal Audits

  • Internal and Management Audits.
  • Project Audits/Process Audits
  • Risk Assessments/Reviews
  • Establish controls in process to eliminate potential risks;
  • Establish policies and periodical review of policies;

Direct & Indirect Tax Services

  • Registrations (VAT, Service Tax, IEC, PT, PAN, TAN, etc.);
  • Periodical return filings;
  • Representation / Assistance in routine department queries and audits;
  • Advisory services for special transactions

Corporate Law Assistance

  • Annual compliance and maintenance of statutory records;
  • Statutory compliance reviews
  • Branch registrations and ongoing compliances;
  • Attendance and recording minutes at the board meetings;

Accounting Services

  • Book keeping services;
  • Maintaining accounting records;
  • Periodic management reporting in agreed formats;
  • Preparation of statutory accounts and all related disclosures;
  • Support towards preparation of statutory audit;
  • Establish accounts reconciliation process and quality standards in accounts reconciliation;
  • Health checks and P&L risk assessment;
  • Monthly accounts reconciliation;

Transactional Managed Services

  • Vendor payables;
  • Employee expense reimbursements;
  • Accounts receivable services;
  • Fixed assets management;

Management Consulting

  • Management accounting & Performance Analysis

    – Establish budgeting and forecasting process with structured/ tailor made templates.

    – Establish metrics to measure performance.

    – Preparation of budgets/forecasts/metrics on a continuous basis

    – Monitoring company’s performance against budget with variance analysis.

    – Analyse reason for major variances and work with internal teams to fix the issues (both accounting and operational)

  • Knowledge Management

    – Establish process documentations for an existing finance process, Establish SOPs;

    – Archiving all process documentation for easy retrievals and regular usage;

    – Update documentations due to change in process;

    – Implement Best of Breed practices in process;

  • Establish robust costing process